Getting into Gear

Getting Into Gear [GiG] is a Mission Orientation Conference organised by OM UK at the Quinta Conference Centre, near Oswestry in Shropshire.

GIG is intended to help prepare all British new recruits, who are planning to join OM, for mission service and to establish a closer relationship between the recruit, church and the home office. It is an integral part of the joining process. GiG weekends happen every April, June and October.

Our aim is to provide and equip each person, for the transition to his or her chosen field and give them a better understanding of their place in mission.

From our experience, moving from life in the UK to a strange mission field can be daunting and stressful. In our attempt to minimise these stresses, the topics we cover are both theoretical and practical. Each day begins with worship and a time of devotion.  It is also a time to develop new friendships.

GIG starts with registration on Friday at 12.00 noon and finishes on  Monday at 11.30 am.

Here is a sample of the topics that will be covered during a 'GiG' Conference:

  • Building a support team around you
  • How OM works—Structure and Ethos
  • Introduction to the UK National Office
  • Health & Money Issues
  • Hearing God’s Call
  • Prayer Letter Writing Tips

GiG is an intensive weekend, but there will be many opportunities to ask questions about the field you are going to. There is also a track included for Pastors and church supporters.