Global Village Volunteers

If you're willing to serve as a volunteer at Global Village, you're in the right place!

  • What does it take to run Global Village? Open or Close

    The Global Village experience is only as good as the volunteers who run it. 

    We passionately believe in motivating and equipping people to step out in faith and use the gifts God has given them no matter how big or small those gifts may seem to you.

    Each event requires around 15 staff for the set up, and up to 45 staff for the live run to work in different areas of the experience. 

  • What kind of skills and gifts do you require? Open or Close

    There are three parts to any Global Village which require different skills and gifts. Ideally we would have the same people throughout the experience however, we know not everyone can give that much time and therefore it is easier to split it up:

    Setup: 14th - 20th July

    The setup phase is where we build the Global Village set, and so requires people that are good with their hands. For example electricians, painters, Carpenters, experienced DIYers, and General (fit and able) Labourers.

    Live Run: (Keswick Convention Week 2) 21st July - 27th July, (Keswick Convention Week 3) 28th July - 3rd August

    During the live run we require people who enjoy acting (you do not need to be an accomplished actor, however, we need people who are comfortable being in character whilst interacting with participants without a script.)  We also need make-up artists, IT Support, reception staff, group de-briefers (this is not counselling, more drawing out the journey the participants have been on), and people who have a heart to serve and can fill roles behind the scenes as and when they come up such as stewarding.

    Packdown: 3rd - 4th August

    The final stage is packing everything back down; it is mostly able bodied general labourers that are needed to take all the sets and panels down and load the lorry. 

  • Do I need to be a professional to help? Open or Close

    No. While qualified tradesmen and actors can be useful, the biggest component we look for in volunteers is a servant heart and a desire to see Christians engaged in mission.

    All volunteers will need to be flexible in the roles they are assigned and be willing to learn new skills.  We also need people who are able to adapt to a changing environment and a flexible programme. Ideally they should also be able to work as a part of a team. 

  • Are there any visa requirements for volunteers? Open or Close

    Volunteers must be an EEA area passport holder or have an existing UK visa (e.g. Students)

  • Is there a minimum time commitment for Volunteers? Open or Close

    It would be preferable if you were able to volunteer for at least a full week of the experience—for example, the whole of Set Up week, or the whole of a Live Run week. This is due to limitations in accommodation, and to ease scheduling and role allocations.

    During the Live Run weeks, there will also be key training on the first day of each week which most volunteers will need to attend. 

    If you are able to join us for more than a week that would be fantastic. If you have questions please contact us.

  • Are couples welcome? Open or Close

    Yes, couples are always welcome, as are those who are single. However, for couples we cannot guarantee you will be able to be together in a private room as accommodation is on a single gender basis

  • What will the accommodation & costs be? Open or Close

    The accommodation will be in “Bunkabins” with 3 beds. You will need to provide your own bedding i.e. sleeping bag, pillow, fitted sheet etc. However, for an additional £35, we can provide a bedding pack for you which will include, pillow, quilt, sheets, towels.

    In order to secure your place on the team, we would require a £40 processing fee. Accommodation and food will be provided for you. There may be an additional charge of £15 for a DBS check (if required.) We also require that you make your own transport arrangements to and from Keswick.

    As I am sure you will understand, the cost of running an event like Global Village is quite high. If you would like to donate further towards the cost of food and accommodation, please donate here. However, there is no requirement to do so. We look forward to having you on the team.

  • What should I do if I want to get involved or find out more? Open or Close

    If you need more information, contact Jems Fitzsimmons (Global Village UK Recruiting Officer) 


    Office Tel: +44 (0)1691 776747

    Office Address: OM UK, The Quinta, Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 7LT

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