Global Village FAQ

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Global Village:

  • What is Global Village? Open or Close

    Global Village is a ministry of OM. However, we firmly believe its not just an OM thing, but a God thing. And were excited.

    Engaging all your senses, Global Village+ is an interactive simulation that allows Christians to experience mission without having to leave the UK. The aim is to motivate the Church into action. Whilst the simulation itself is top secret, you can expect to be challenged.

  • What can I expect from this event? Open or Close

    At arrival, you will be welcomed and check in to the experience. Before your departure time, you have the opportunity to sit and relax in our departure lounge before departing into the Global Village.

    Following the experience, OMs trained debriefers will help you process your journey and what you encountered.

  • I have never heard of this event before, is this new? Open or Close

    Global Village originated at TeenStreet[], OMs youth conference, and it has since been at several Christian events throughout Europe, including Mission-Net, Opwekking and Mad in France. OM UK launched a UK tour of this project at their National Office in November 2015.

  • Who can come? Is there a minimum age? Open or Close

    Not exclusively a youth event, anyone aged 13+ can come.        

    The recommended minimum age is 13 however; some allowances could be made with parental permission. Please contact us ahead of time if you would like to bring a child aged 11-13.

  • Can I bring a group? Open or Close

    Yes please! Groups should ideally be no fewer than 6 people and cannot be more than 10. However, please contact us if you have any difficulties getting a group together and we may be able to accommodate you.

    Also, if your group has fewer than 10 people, the remainder of spaces will be available for other people to book.  If you have a specific reason why it would be inappropriate for your group to have other members of the public added to it, please contact us to discuss your requirements prior to booking. 

  • What if I am on my own? Open or Close

    You are more than welcome to come by yourself. You may be able to add yourself onto another group's booking, which will improve your experience. If not, book anyway, but please be aware we may look to adjust your booking so we can include you with another group.
    Any questions? Let us know:

  • I want to help out at this event, do you need volunteers? Open or Close

    We would love more volunteers. We need handy people to help build the experience, but also actors, stewards, café volunteers, make up artists and creative folk to help run it. To find out more, visit our volunteers page

  • My non-Christian friend would like to come – is that ok? Open or Close

    The main focus of Global Village is to encourage Christians to explore sharing their faith in a safe missional context. Whilst this is not an evangelistic event, it is suitable for Christians and for those exploring their faith.

  • I have a disability, can I still attend? Open or Close

    We are able to cater for some disabilities. Please contact us prior to booking to discuss your requirements.

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