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 Leaving a Legacy

Jesus left this world at the relatively young age of 33, leaving an amazing legacy of Good News for all who believe. Today, 2000 years on, this gift is transforming more lives than ever before!

Birthed in response to one woman's prayer and the free gift of John's Gospel to a teenage George Verwer in the 1950's, OM has grown into a movement of over 6100 people working in more than 110 nations.

Today our work varies from country to country but our focus is always to continue the ministry of Jesus in bringing Good News to the poor, freedom for prisoners and the oppressed, recovery of sight to the blind, and an announcement of the Lord’s favour.

Leaving a gift in your will to OM would enable us to continue proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring His Kingdom to the lost, the broken and the poor in the nations of the earth - for generations to come.

Your legacy could either be given generally for us to use 'Where the need is greatest', or you could designate it for the support of a ministry particularly close to your heart.

Follow this link to read or download our updated Legacy leaflet


 Practicalities of leaving a gift in your will

Gifts left in your will to a registered UK charity are deducted from the value of your estate before inheritance tax is calculated. Operation Mobilisation is a charity registered in England and Wales (charity no. 1008196) and in Scotland (charity no. SCO40988)

 There are 3 main ways you can leave a gift in your will to OM:

  1. A share of your estate (a residuary gift)
  2. A fixed amount of money (a pecuniary gift)
  3. A particular item left to Operation Mobilisation

It is always important to seek legal advice whether making a will for the first time or amending an existing one by way of a Codicil. Your solicitor will be best placed to advise on the wording, taking into account your wishes.  We have also prepared some advisory information  to help you provide for OM in your will.


gv"Since the earliest days of OM, the very existence of this ministry has often been due in large part to the vision and generosity of donors who have left OM gifts through their estates. Several of those gifts were received at critical moments when a crucial project would either continue or cease to exist. Such bequests, both large and small, are not only a huge encouragement to our missionaries on the frontlines of ministry, but have become a vitally important tool for OM's leadership in developing plans for the future work of OM." -George Verwer, Founder of OM

 Contact OM about Leaving a Legacy:

To discuss leaving a gift in your will please contact Nick Fletcher, Head of Financial Development
(e) Development Department
(t) 0141 552 7716

Thank you for your interest

If you choose to designate your gift, we are committed to honouring your legacy. In order for us to ensure your wishes are fulfilled please ensure they are clearly specified. We will handle your request in the utmost confidence.