Serving Longer Term with Outreach Ministries in the UK

Seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers established among the least reached is not a 5 min task.
It is costly.
Costly in terms of time, emotions, money…


r17129Previous generations laboured in North Africa and saw no fruit; today the Church is growing. In East African and Middle eastern communities in the UK we are not seeing lots of fruit, but if the workers are few what should we expect? Are you willing to count the cost and join us as we sow the seed, will you be here when the harvest comes?

Still, you are more likely to go to the communities where there are already workers and growth happening. Most missionaries are working with established churches, do you want to go where there is little or no work happening? Like Paul to go where others have not trod? Arabs; Turks; Kurds; East Africans; North Africans; South Asians; those born overseas, those born here; Muslims; Hindus; Secularists.

The media speaks of no-go areas and ghetto communities; we see communities isolated by prejudice needing the love of Jesus to enable them to flourish.

Where training is possible, we will enable and encourage it; but when the ground is new the training is being written, by you, as you make mistakes and learn and break the mould of previous generations. Just as we have always strived to do.

We are looking for people who will be radical in counting the cost and committing themselves to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached in the UK, where OM has outreach ministries based both in London and Birmingham.


Equipping for ministry is vital. If you are interested in ministry training and community outreach with a view towards a medium or long-term commitment, make contact


All OM staff members are required to develop a ‘home support team’ that participates in fulfilling the Great Commission by supporting financially, emotionally, and in prayer. All OM staff members receive coaching and support from their local OM office in helping to build a support team. 



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