How do you feel about reaching your neighbours? With the make up of the UK becoming increasingly diverse, the world is coming to us. In fact, according to Operation World, without the immigration of some Christian people groups, evangelical Christianity would be on a decline in the UK! Will you help us turn this round? Join one of our teams in either Birmingham or London and discover that you too can share your faith at home.

December 2017

Destination: United Kingdom

Outreach: Joy to the World Outreach (London)

London is the largest city in Europe and one of the most multicultural cities in the world. There are people from almost every language and every tongue gathered in one place, which makes the city a great place for evangelism. Our focus is specifically on reaching out to Muslims and...

Destination: United Kingdom

Outreach: Joy in the City (Birmingham)

You will be part of an international team, connected with churches in Birmingham and beyond, seeing how you can reach out with the love of God and the message of the Gospel. You will experience the ethnically diverse neighbourhood & other faiths, through various community visits. As we go out...

January 2018

Destination: United Kingdom

Outreach: MDT UK - Missions Discipleship Training

Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) is OM's foundational training course, built on years of experience in equipping missionaries, to prepare you to step out into missions at home or overseas. Based in/near two of Europe’s most culturally diverse cities, Birmingham and London, you will find the world on your doorstep. Over five months...