muslim peoples

"Love your neighbour as yourself."
Luke 10:27-36

Over 1,000 people working in more than 50 countries, sharing a common passion to make Jesus known to their Muslim friends and neighbours.

Over the last five decades, long-term outreaches to Muslim Peoples have been established across North Africa, the Middle East, along the old Silk Road and into South Asia. Ministries have also been set up among Muslim immigrant communities in many Western countries. The story is profound. The journey is exciting. The message is eternal and life-changing
As one of the largest global mission organisations reaching out to Muslims, OM workers are living and working where few others are. The challenge remains overwhelming: less than 0.01% of Turkey’s 75 million people are followers of Christ, poverty blights whole regions of Pakistan and Bangladesh, brutal persecution against Christians continues in Iran and Afghanistan whilst corruption and opposition continue in Central Asia. “Who is sufficient for all these things?”

We are connected – whether it’s spending hours over cups of tea or coffee, hiking through mountainous regions and villages distributing Christian literature, playing football with teens and children, helping women in difficult situations, or visiting friends and neighbours during Ramadan and sharing in their festivals, OM workers are seeing first-hand how the Lord is transforming Muslim lives and communities around the world.
We are committed – living out our faith through sports, arts, literature and media. Building community - sharing our lives and values wherever we are planted.
We are concerned – demonstrating the love of Christ by working for the “least of these” through relief and development, medical ministry and micro business.
We are involved – strengthening local believers and fellowships through training, mobilising, and education.

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