Worn-out bodies but new spiritual life

02-Mar-2018 | Colombia

Volunteers from Logos Hope had the privilege of seeing elderly residents at a nursing home commit their lives to Christ.

A team visited those being cared for at the San Pedro Claver home, where they shared their personal stories and sang songs with around 80 older people.

Juan Manuel Bello, a pastor from Colombia’s capital city, Bogota, was visiting Logos Hope with a team of people who support the ministry. Participating in this outreach alongside crewmembers, he met one of the residents, Rafael Bell, an 82-year-old grandfather who lost his sight more than a decade ago. Rafael was thrilled with the visit and would not let go of the pastor’s hand as he accepted Christ as his personal Saviour. “Rafael, you can't see physically, but today you will see Jesus spiritually," Pastor Juan said.

A group of residents with mental disabilities received individual attention from the crewmembers. “There was a woman who cried, and I realised that all she wanted was a hug,” William Ngoo (Singapore) said. “After I hugged her, she calmed down and we prayed for her." For William and his wife, Janice Low (Singapore), this was their final outreach after spending three years on board Logos Hope, bringing to a close their service across four of the world’s continents and in more than 55 port cities.

The team was taken to an area of the home in which patients nearing the end of their lives receive palliative care, specialised care given to those with serious illnesses in order to improve their quality of life. Visiting each bedside individually, the crew and supporters prayed, even if the patients seemed unaware of what was going on around them. “Sharing with these elderly people, some at the point of death, is something we are called and encouraged to do in faith,” Pastor Juan said. "It makes us remember that although the body may be worn out, the spirit is always open to the new life that God offers us.”

It was a memorable day for one resident, Pedro Alvarez, who celebrated his 93rd birthday and also the beginning of new life as a Christian. “Thank you for coming to visit us,” he said, smiling at the team. “All of you are a gift from God.”

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