Let there be light

05-Apr-2018 | Malawi

In Malawi, the radio is used by 90% of the population. People are used to turning on, tuning in and listening to the airwaves. Radio can bring people more information, discovery, teaching, pleasure and comfort in one year than most rural people normally receive in a lifetime.

OM Malawi had a vision to establish and maintain a local FM radio station, proclaiming the Word of God, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the people. This was not to be typical "Christian" radio. The aim is to creatively address all life issues, giving solutions and answers, with uncompromising faithfulness to the values and message of the Bible.

There to help

Since the first broadcasts began, people have come to the station with a variety of requests. A young man who lost his driving license asked, “Can you, please, announce the loss and ask if anyone has seen it around the hospital yesterday?” One of the most intense visits was when a family asked if the station could report that a woman with a mental disturbance and a small child were missing. Thank God, the women with the child were seen and brought back to the family. The driver’s license has not yet been recovered, but Radio Lilanguka will continue to help people in whatever way they can.

In addition to the six full time staff, there are six volunteers who come almost every day and help produce the different programmes. With many hours to cover, their dedication is of great value.

Unstable electricity and frequent black outs are potential issues for the station, but solar powered equipment saves a lot of trouble and money. On sunny days the station can run from 06.00 to 18.00 without any input from the power grid. This means that when other stations are off the air; Radio Lilanguka can still broadcast.

Official grand opening

On 2 March 2018, after many years of prayer and labour, and as God painted a beautiful circle around the sun, Radio Lilanguka celebrated its official grand opening. The celebration included worship and praise led by the station choir as well as other gifted individuals and prayers and speeches by clergy, government officials and OM representatives from Malawi and Germany, who have worked hard to see this vision come to life.

At various times during the ceremony, joyful prompts from the programme emcee of “Lilanguka!”(Light) drew an instant response of “Kulangwiche!” (Let there be light) from the gathered crowd.

The afternoon ended with a tour of the new facility and a tasty meal of goat and nsima (the staple food of Malawi).

The happy cry of “Kulangwiche” lingered long. ''Let there be light!''

Please pray that God will continue to provide workers and funds to expand the effectiveness of this new venture.

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