Frequently Asked Questions about going with OM short term

If you are thinking about going on a short term missions trip, you probably have loads of questions!

We have tried to anticipate what many of those questions are, and have compiled this list to help you make your decision, to help set your expectations, and hopefully to help you be as prepared as possible. Please read through these questions - and do get in touch if you have a query that we have not addressed here!

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FAQ - Before You Go

  • Who can join an outreach? Open or Close

    Acceptance onto a Placement depends on the following:

    • Being aged between 18 - 65+ (age range can vary according to the outreach)
    • Knowing the Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour
    • Having a desire to serve Him and reach people with the Gospel
    • Having the support of your local church
    • Raising the necessary finance
    • Being given a suitable reference
    • Being of suitable health appropriate to the outreach
    • Successfully completing a DBS (formerly CRB) check (either with us or by having a transferable one issued after June 15th 2013).
    • Having sufficient travel insurance.
  • What Steps Do I Need to Take? Open or Close
    Don’t forget to pray through everything!

    Step 1   
    • Please read all the information. If you are unsure about the details do ask.

    Step 2  
    • Talk to those who will be supporting you in this. This will include the leaders in your Church, maybe your parents and some close friends. 
    • Think through with them where the money will come from.  If you have done this before your initial request for information, even better!

    Step 3    
    • Ask us for the link to the online application form and then complete it. 
    • Please let us know your first and second choice of outreach/dates.  Places fill up very quickly and we cannot always guarantee your first choice.
    • We ask for the address of two referees (but may only contact one of them). One person should be your pastor or another church leader who has known you for at least two years.  We cannot process your application until we have written to your referee and received the reference form. If you’re a student it would be helpful to have contact with your home and student church if you have both. When we have received your application form we will write to them asking for a reference. Try to pick someone who not only knows you well but will support you through the whole process including after you get back.
    • Confirm whether you’re paying the £35 non-refundable deposit online, sending in a cheque or phoning to pay by card on 01691 776711 (this is your first payment and is included in the prices quoted on the information sheets).
    • [We’ll acknowledge receipt of your application and payment and contact your referee.]
    Step 4    
    • After we have received your reference, and have checked that it is OK, we will accept you. 
    • We will send you confirmation of your acceptance, together with further information on travel, finance, etc. You book your own travel but we can provide advice on flights and will put you in touch with other applicants from the UK if there are any. If you need to get a DBS check through us we’ll send you details of how to apply online and what ID you need to send us. If you have a transferable one already, we’ll ask you for further details.
    Step 5  
    • Make all your preparations, don’t forget to send us the money, travel & insurance details and GO!
    Step 6  
    • Come back and tell us all about. We want to know the highlights and challenges you experienced.
    Step 7    
    • Keep on reflecting on how this experience has changed you and how God wants you to apply it.
  • What costs are involved? Open or Close

    The £35 non-refundable deposit is required with your application form. There is a discount for groups, families and those completing more than one outreach in a year.
    The rest of your outreach fees vary for each outreach and detailed information will be provided when you apply. Please note prices are subject to change according to the exchange rate.
    The fees cover:

    • Food
    • Basic accommodation
    • Travel during your placement
    • Training

    For those going on outreaches over 6 weeks you are required to come to our orientation weekends held in Shropshire. The cost is included in the quoted price. Click here for more info

  • What costs are NOT included? Open or Close
    • Travel to and from your placement
    • Passports and visas
    • Travel insurance (including medical and cancellation) Travel insurance is important and a requirement to acceptance for all outreaches outside the UK.
    • Unless you’ve recently been with us before you will also need to complete a DBS (formerly CRB) check as part of our safeguarding policy which costs an additional £15 (make payment here)
  • How do I pay? Open or Close

    You can pay in full or instalments by either cash, cheque, debit or credit cards or online via our website.  Full costs need to be paid prior to travelling.
    Payments can be made here:

  • How do I raise the money? Open or Close
    Here are some ideas on how to raise the money you need:
    • Let your church and others know your plans in plenty of time
    • Find out as much about the country of your outreach
    • Start fundraising early – do car boot sales, car washes, sponsored events – and ask others to get involved also. We can provide sponsorship forms, and OM is also connected to, and we can provide some advice on developing an online fundraising page.
    • Write a press release for your local paper (we can help you with that)
  • Do I need insurance? Open or Close
    • For all applicants outside the UK it’s a requirement. You don’t have to use the company we use but you do need appropriate cover.
    • Some tourist travel insurance doesn’t include manual labour or children’s work.
    • For those dependents travelling on their parent's insurance, it may not be valid if the parent doesn't accompany them,  so check the small print!
    • Do book your insurance at the same time as your flight to make sure you’re covered in case of problems with your airline.
  • How do I book my flight? Open or Close

    Please make sure you don’t book your flight until you’re officially accepted!

    For most places you need to make your own travel arrangements. is a good place to start. Unless you’re going to somewhere more unusual or as a group it’s cheaper for you to book your own flight online. If you would like help there is a company we use. Let us know your details as soon as you have them and we will endeavour to inform other participants of your travel plans so that they can get the same flight.

    Unless otherwise stated in your acceptance info, you should aim to arrive sometime by early afternoon of the first day of the placement. 

    If relevant, transport from the conference to the outreach is arranged for you, if it's in the same country, and is either covered in the initial cost or covered through travel supplements unless otherwise stated.  You will normally be met at the to the pick-up point you arrived at, either a railway station or airport and then returned to the same place at the end of the outreach.  Return travel should normally be organised for the afternoon/evening of the last day to give time to get from the outreach town to the pick-up point or airport.

FAQ - During the Outreach

  • What training will I receive during my outreach? Open or Close

    There is a period of training at the start of outreaches.  This may take place during the first couple of days, or at specific times throughout.  The training will include Bible teaching in English as well as practical training in evangelism such as creative, media, personal and Muslim evangelism, preaching, sketch board, clowning.

    You will receive cultural orientation as well as the opportunity to get to know the other members of your outreach team. It’s important therefore that you are able to attend the whole placement so that you benefit from the orientation at the start and debriefing afterwards. It is also a unique opportunity to enjoy fellowship with Christians from around the world, as an idea of the global dimension of the Church bursts into your experience!

    If you’re going for more than 6 weeks we require you to come to our orientation weekends here in Shropshire especially if your placement is tailor made or you’re thinking of going for more than 6 months in the near future. These take place around March/April, June & October

  • What should I expect during my outreach? Open or Close

    Going on an outreach and leaving your comfort zone is a great way to find out more about yourself as well as a different culture. Trying to compare your expectations with what the experience will really be like is important. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to answer all your questions in advance but you will work with our long term teams who’ll understand the needs of visitors as well as the locality. It’s quite likely that plans will change so do come prepared for the unexpected. Just go with the flow and you’ll get a lot more out of your trip. Fight it and you’ll just end up frustrated. Ask God how he wants to change you through this experience and not just the place where you’re going.

FAQ - After the Outreach

  • How do I find out about longer term options? Open or Close

    Depending on where you’re interested in going we’ll put you in touch with the right member of staff to help you explore those options. J

    ust drop us an email or use the contact form.

  • How do I sign up for another short term trip? Open or Close
    • If you go on an outreach within six months you don’t need to pay another admin fee.
    • If it’s after six months we offer a £10 discount.
    • We want to make sure all your details are up to date and we’ll contact your church/referee but they won’t need to complete another reference form.
  • What happens when I get back home? Open or Close
    • We’ll send you a welcome email and questionnaire. We want to know the highlights and challenges you experienced. Keep on reflecting on how this experience has changed you and how God wants you to apply it.
    • We also want to catch up by phone or skype if not in person to see how you’re finding life back in the UK after your trip.
    • Do take the opportunity to share with your local church, friends and family. We can help with resources or editing your prayer letter.