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Short Term Mission is firmly ingrained into the DNA of Operation Mobilisation. It’s been a part of OM’s identity since George Verwer’s first trip over Mexico’s borders in 1957. Since then, the foundation of OM outreaches has been to equip the worker. Amongst a myriad of short-term options, one of OM’s best-kept secrets are our short mission-training programmes.

Here are just a few of the short mission-training programmes you can join:



Transform, based in Europe, is a four day conference that focus on using your talents and passions to engage forgotten peoples and transform lives before joining an outreach in the Mediterranean area.

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The OCZ Conference with OM Malaysia combines spiritual preparation with cross-cultural exposure for ministry in East Asia. Over five days, participants are invited to attend sessions to appreciate the diversity of Asian culture, preparing participants for outreach.

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U-Turn Arabia

Prior to joining a two week outreach, experience Middle Eastern cultures with a three day orientation conference that equips participants for ministry in the Arabian Peninsula.


GO Callenge

GO Challenge

Join OM South Africa with an inspiring African-style conference which will provide you with the tools to reach out cross-culturally and in your own community, followed by a 7-day outreach.

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Step Out

Step Out is a four-day practical programme hosted by OM Taiwan. The conference prepares participants to take their first (or tenth) step out into mission. Equipping participants with biblical teaching and practical workshops before outreach in Taiwan, Hong Kong or the Philippines.

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What people are saying about Short Term Mission Conferences with OM:


"I learnt many practical ways to share the Gospel rather than just the theory of why we do it."
"The evangelistic tools are a great resource to use at home."
"I have stayed available for God to use and to not shy away from opportunities that have presented themselves since my return – shared testimony in a taxi, to friends, at work and at church. All opportunities which God opened up.
"I saw people in the Philippines who were living in darkness, but darkness is all around this world. It’s in my house, my uni, my work place, everywhere! My mission field is wherever God has me at a given moment and I need to shine my light constantly. I need to seek opportunities at my church etc to reach out to people without hope, just like we did in the Philippines."
"I have learnt that mission work is sometimes not easy and may not bear fruit immediately in terms of lives saved and souls won. But we keep doing the work because God wants us to and we do it for His glory."
"I have learnt that missionary work is open to all Christians who want to use their God-given gifts to share the Gospel."
"I think I understand more what it means to be a missionary and how important it is that they are supported financially and in prayers."