GAP year & Career Break Opportunities

A Gap Year with OM means just one thing – bringing Good News. From engaging European communities on the Transit Challenge, to sharing God’s Word whilst absorbing Middle Eastern cultures, each tailor-made Gap Year opportunity will enable you to see and serve throughout God’s perfect creation. From 2-12 months, this experience has the potential of transforming the lives of those you meet, and then maybe even yours along with it.

Here are just a few of the many Gap Year options with OM:

Gain experience of Middle Eastern life & culture. If you are considering working or living anywhere in the Arab world in the future, this is an ideal starting place.

Trek to mountain villages with Christian literature, or provide friendship evangelism in the region.

A five-month training programme offers a mix of classroom teaching and evangelism experience in both rural and urban areas of the country.

This 5-12 month programme combines classroom training with experience in a variety of outreach activities, ministry and ‘adventure’ activities.

Travel Europe for five months in a Ford Transit Van, experiencing diverse cultures whilst bringing Good News.

This three-month trek combines a Discipleship journey and Missions outreaches in at least four African countries.


Career Breaks with OM


If you are looking to take a Sabbatical or maybe just find yourself between jobs at the moment, there are many ways that you can use that time in Mission with OM. Browse through the current jobs in this list, or contact our Personnel Department and let us help find the right fit for your situation and skill set.


Contact the People in Mission Department

  • Catering & Hospitality

    Everyone needs nourishment and welcome shelter to be effective. Your role provides your team and Read More
  • Communication

    God is doing so much and yet few workers have the time or ability to Read More
  • Computers & IT

    Mission is about people, but we depend on technology to empower strategies to connect with Read More
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